Shopclues Training Guide | How to Sell on Shopclues?

Bid & Sell
Why use “Bid & Sell” platform?
No need to wait anymore for the orders to be placed by the customers. Shopclues brings to you a unique and
first of its kind platform in India where you get to process confirmed orders via a transparent bidding process.
You can bid for the products on which orders have already been placed.
When an order is placed and the merchant is not able to handover/dispatch the product within defined
handover time, that order becomes eligible for transfer and it gets listed on “Bid & Sell” platform for other
merchants to win it through transparent bidding process.
How to use “Bid & Sell” platform?
Step 1: Login to
Step 2: Go to Fulfillment -> Bid To Win Orders
Listing view of Category wise Order Count and Merchandise Value of those orders available for Bidding:
Step 3: Select the category and sub category for which you want to see the products available for bidding
Product listing page view:
Step 4: Suppose I want to place a bid on the following product:
Product ID: 82727721 - Indicates the unique identification number assigned to the product
Product description - Clicking on it will display the product description on a pop up
Time Left: 05:52:53 - Indicates the time left for the bidding to close for that product
0 Bid – Indicates the no. of bids placed on that product
Quantity: 2 – Indicates the overall quantity (no. of units) that has to be fulfilled to win the order
Payment Type: PrePaid – Indicates that all the orders are PrePaid for this product
Lowest Bid (Rs): 190 – Indicates the Lowest Bid placed till now by any merchant on that product
Your Last Bid (Rs.): - Indicates the Last Bid Amount that I placed on that product
Enter Product ID – I have to enter the Product ID (of the product from my catalog that I want to sell)
Enter Quantity – I have to enter the quantity that I can fulfil (should not exceed the Quantity required)
Enter Bid Amount (Rs) – I have to enter the least Bid Amount possible to win the order (should not be more
than or equal to “Lowest Bid” being displayed)
Add this product in My Catalog – Clicking on it will take the merchant to another page where he can add the
product to his own catalog by simply changing the stock availability (quantity).
Find Similar Products in My Catalog – Clicking on it will open the list of similar products available in my catalog
in a pop up.
Step 5: Now I want to find out if I have any similar product available in my catalog. Click on “Find Similar
Products in My Catalog”
Step 6: The similar products are listed and suppose I want to sell the first product listed
I can select the variant (if available) from the dropdown (highlighted in RED)
I can also update the available quantity by clicking on pencil button
Quantity can be updated in the text box and then click on update
Ex- Suppose I changed the quantity from 0 to 2
Then click on Select button
Step 7: The New Product ID will be auto filled of the product I selected in the pop up mentioned in the
previous step
The merchant may change the Quantity and Bid Amount
Finally click on “Bid Now” and your bid will be submitted successfully
Other noticeable points:
- Bidding for a particular order gets over when the timer on the platform expires
- Every order will be available for bidding process for 24 hours
- There may be more than 1 order for the product available for bidding and the Quantity mentioned is the
combined quantity of all the orders

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