How to Increase computer speed without any software

Increase computer speed without any software - Tips To Increase Computer Speed powerful tricksDharmendra jhajharia Computer tricks & SoftwareTips to increase computer speed without any software. - Tips To Increase Computer Speed powerful tricks over time, the computer becomes slow. Today we will tell you how to increase the speed of your computer or laptop. These tips are for the Windows Operating System and are equally effective from Windows XP to Windows 10.10. Turn Off Battery Saver & Change to Performance or Balanced Mode / Change Battery Saver to Performance or Balanced. This method works only for Laptops / Mobiles. Click on the Battery icon in the taskbar and choose Balanced or Performance Mode. By doing this, your laptop will work faster than before but your battery will run out quickly.9. Turn Off Search Indexing / Search Indexing. Open the Control Panel. Start Menu -> Control Panel |Open Add Or Remove Programs or Programs and Features. After this, go to "Turn Windows Features On or Off" and in the newly opened window, remove the arrow in front of "Windows Search" and say Yes. or instead of the Default Search of the window, you use another software to search the file, so that the search is quick and the computer also runs fast.8. Use a Good Antivirus Software. Antivirus often uses half or more of the capacity of any normal computer. If your Antivirus is slowing down your computer, then it is time to change your Antivirus. Choose a fast antivirus for yourself, the link given below will help you.7. Maintain More Space In C: & Clean Temporary Files / C: Keep empty space in the drive and delete the temporary files: When you install a software or do some work with the help of any software, that software saves some temporary temporary files in your computer, some software removes it automatically after shutting down or after installing/uninstall. , But others do not. It is very easy to delete such files: First of all, press "Start Button + R" or go to your Start Menu and click on Run. Now a box will open in front of you in which type Temp and press Enter. Now Permanently delete all the files from the folder that is open and close the folder. Now open RUN again and this time type% Temp% and press Enter. Delete all files from this folder as well.6. Uninstall Unused Programs / Uninstall / Useless ProgramsOften, there are software installs in our computers that we do not use or that are of no use to us. Such software not only occupies the space of the hard disk but also autostart and slow down the computer. By removing them, you can increase both the speed and space of your computer. Let us know how to remove useless programs: Go to the Start Menu and open the Control Panel (for Windows 8 or 8.1, right-click in the lower-left corner)In the Control Panel, you have to click on Add Or Remove Programs or Programs and Features. Now you will get a list of all the programs installed on your computer. Double click on whatever program or software you have to uninstall, or after clicking, press the Uninstall button.5. Change the Folder view to "List / Details" Mode / Change the folders to "List Mode".When the file becomes too much in any folder, the window takes a long time to open it and display all the files, it does not happen in List / Details Mode, the files are displayed quickly. In Details Mode, you also see the size of the file, Modified Date. Open the folder containing more files and right-click on the empty space. Go to View and make List or Details.4. De fragment Your Hard Disk / Defragment your hard disk. As we put new stuff on our computer, the hard disk fragments start to happen, in simple words, the stuff lying in the hard disk starts to get busy. When this happens, when you open any file, it takes some time to start and the computer works slowly. When you de-fragment it, the window serializes the files lying in the Hard Disk, making it easier and quicker to open the files. How to Defragment Hard Disk / How to Defragment Hard Disk: Go to My Computer / This PC and right-click on any Drive / Partition and click on Properties. Now a box will open in front of you, click on Tools in it. Now click on Optimize under “Optimize and defragment drive”.Now select C: / Drive from the box that will open in front of you and click on Analyze. When the Analyze is over, click on Optimize and let the window work. Repeat this process with all your remaining drives. 

3. Close programs that start automatically with Disable Startup Programs / Window:Some software start on its own with computer start up and most of them keep running in the background. Due to such programs, the computer takes time to start and works slowly. It is very easy to remove:Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10:Right click on Task Bar and open Task Manager (you can also open Task Manager by pressing “ctrl + shift + esc” all three buttons simultaneously).Go to the Start-up tab in Task Manager and right click on the programs you want to stop or start and click on Enable / Disable.Previous Versions of Windows Win XP / 7:Go to Start Menu, search msconfig or go to Start Menu -> Run and write msconfig and press Enter.A window will open in front of you, go to the tab with Start-up in it and remove the tick in front of the programs you want to close and OK.Note: Startup programs also contain your Antivirus and Graphics / Audio and other Drivers programs, do not turn them off otherwise your computer may be facing problems.2. Increase Virtual Memory / Page File Size // Increase the size of virtual memory or page file.If your computer has less RAM, this is the best way to speed it up. On using it, your Processor uses a part of your Hard Disk as RAM, which speeds up the work.Go to Computer / My Computer and right click -> click on Properties at the bottom.After this, click on Advanced or Advanced System Setting.A new window will open in which again go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance.Now a window named Performance Options will open in front of you, go to Advanced again.Go to Change under Virtual Memory.Now another window will open in it, click on C: and fill in between 1000 MB - 4000 MB in Custom Size.Set -> OK. After the computer is restarted you will start to feel the difference.1. Change Visual Effects Turn off Aero Effects / Visual Effects.Go to Computer / My Computer and right click -> click on Properties at the bottom.After this, click on Advanced or Advanced System Setting.A new window will open in which again go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance.Now click on “Adjust For Best Performance” under Visual Effects. If you want, you can also go to Custom and choose the options of your choice.Ok.After doing so, your computer will not be less than a super computer.Ok thanksIdea free Internet trick 2015 - niceteachDharmendra jhajharia airtel free internet for android mobileWelcome friendsNow you can run internet for free from Idea's SIM in your mobile and you can also download Facebook and browser for free.Will tell you a setting which is different step!Just you have to make a normal setting in your mobile and you can enjoy the internet for free............................................ step start ..... ………………………………………………. ................1.. go to mobile settings2. . click on more3.. click on mobile networks4.. Click on Access Point Names5.. choose idea sim6.. click on idea7. Click on Proxy and write in it8.. Click on port and write 80 in it9.. Now press the mobile's menu button and save10.. ___ now go to mobile browser1 11 Open the browser and type in the URL or also type and click on OK112. Now a site will open in which a box of URLs will be created1 13. Type in the box and click OK

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