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20 On-Page SEO Activities are very important.
Step by Step Follows this On-Page for your New Launch website, Before Starting Off-Page.

What Need to do:-

1. No Index Tags – Test:- This webpage is don’t use the no-index meta tag. This means that your webpage will be read and indexed by search engines.

Example – Index Page Result

2. HTTPs Setup – In 2019 SEO SSL Certified website is most important get High SERP, ranking on

SSL Checker

3. Mobile-First Indexing –

Mobile-Indexing Checker

Here you can easily see in the Last option that is showing “Mobile Page Speed” is means website loading time in slow in Mobile Phones —> Resolve this issue, because it is also one of the most important parts of SEO.

4. Heading Tags Optimization – for example, you have a website like — then you need to Optimize all important meta tags of this website —>

<h1>Optimize title tag for your website</h1>

<h2/><h3/><h4/> follow this instruction like <h1>tag<h1/>

Optimize Meta title <title>On-Page Activities – SEO Rush – Best Seo Backlink Submission sites list 2019</title>, Meta Description, ALT Tags for Image Optimization. all these steps are important.

5. CTR Optimization – want for information about “CTR Optimation” follow this link:

6. URL Structure – Create Perfect Optimize URL for your every post to Increase your post SERP, on all major Search Engines.

Example:- <—-: Present URL

7. Don’t Use Thin Content
8. External Links
9. Internal Linking
10. Analyze SERP Intent
11. Featured Snippets
12. Broken Links Optimized
13. Content Silos
14. Audit E-A-T
15. Keywords Placement
16. Semantics
17. UX & Copywriting
18. Load Time
19. Schema Markup
20. Social Signals

Before going to Start Off-Page, First Done all These On-Page Activities.



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