Best 20 On Page SEO Checklist for On-Page Optimization

SEO - On-Page Checklist 2020
SEO - On-Page Checklist 2020

On-Page SEO Checklist for 2019 | 20 Steps for On-Page Optimization

1. Meta Title Tag - Optimization 
-Keyword Lenth 40-65 Characters
-Implement focus keyword on Meta Title
-Use catchy meta title

2. Meta Description - Optimized
-Keyword mention in Meta Description
-make understandable description
-Use Informational words in the description
-Use your services in Your Meta Description

3. No-index Tags
-Create Robots.txt file
-Use No-indexing tag for an unimportant page
-if Important pages are blocked by robots.txt the resolve this for indexing

4. HTTPs Setup - Use SSL Certificate for your website.
-You can also use free SSL Certificate
-lets-encrypt - both websites for free SSL Certificate.
5. Mobile-First Indexing 
-Make your website Mobile friendly
-Optimized landing Page for Mobile visibility

6. Heading Tags - H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6.
-Most Important Tags - H1
-also, use H2 or H3 tags in your post

7. CTR Optimization - Click Throw Rate
-Make a Catcher or Informational Title
-Make your Post Complete Radablity or understandable.
-Use Quality Content for Your Post and Optimized Properly

8. URL Structure - Optimized URL
-Make URL Short and User-Friendly
-Put your Focus Keyword on URL
-Don't Use Stopping words in your URL like - in, an, the, or, etc.

9. The Begining of the Post - Optimization
-Use your Focus Keywords on your Post within 400 words
-Use Keywords in Variable terms
-Use LSI Keywords in your first Paragraph

10. Image - Optimized Image
-Use ALT Tag for Your Image(Most Important)
-Use WaterMark on your Image
-Use Target Keywords on ALT Tag
-Make your Image Name Keyword Reach
-Reduce Image Size and use Quality Image

11. Thin Content - Optimized Content Properly
-Minimum 1000 Word Content use
-Write Information and understandable Content
-Don't use Hard or not Understandable words in your Content
-Use Text Hyperlink in your Content

12. External Links
-Use External Links in Your website post 
-Wikipedia links
-relevant article or blog site links

13. Internal Links
-Use Internal Links in Your post
-use Other Post links on Your Post
-Make Internal Link Post via Post

14. Broken Links
-Fix your Broken links
-remove 404 Errors
-Use Redirect 301 Permanent 

15. Table of the Content - Important in 2019
-Make some information contained in your Post then left a Hyperlink for Readmore.

16. Make Font Easy to Read
-Use Trending Font
-Analysis Competitors Font and use for own
-Make Font Normal or Big Visible

17. UX and Copywriting
-Use Clean Design for your website
-Use readable content and remove plagiarism contents
-Use Readable Images in Your Post

18. Website loading time
-Make your website or pages easy to load
-Minimum Loading Time 4 to 5 Sec.
-It will Effect your google ranking

19. Schema Markup
-Use Schema Markup Implemented a theme
-it is Important to readable for search engine
-Make your website Schema Markup friendly

20. Social Signals - Optimized on Social Website
-use Facebook Page

Or if you are still facing any problem to Optimize Your On-Page Then go through the top 10 Website ranked on google. it will help you to understand for Optimization of On-Page SEO.

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