Online Display Advertising | What is Online Advertising?

Online Display Advertising –

What is Online Advertising?
Online Advertising is a way to reach out to our target audience via the medium of ads like banner ads, rich media ads, pop-ups, and pop-unders and media buys.

Many of the marketers think of these form of advertisements as the way to do only brand building but it’s little counter-intuitive for the ones that understand. It’s really fruitful to enter into the domain of these mediums and do marketing at scale.

What is Display Advertising? : Basics of Online Marketing : Google ...

Types of Online Display Advertising – 
1. Banner Ads
a. Manual Media Buys
b. Intermediate Media Buys
c. Agency Level Buys
2. Rich Media Ads
a. Expendables
b. Push Downs
c. Slide Banners
d. Screen Shakers
e. YouTube Masthead
3. CPV/PPV Advertising – cost per view/pay per view
a. Pop-Ups
b. Pop Unders
4. Contextual Advertisements
a. In Footer
b. In Margin
c. In-Page
d. In-Text

Banner Ads –
These ads are the hoardings on the internet which we find on almost every website.  For example, we learned Display advertisements in Google Adwords, that was an agency-level banner ads buying process.

Manual Media Buys
o Step -1: Go to and type in the keyword you want to target traffic for
o Step – 2: Go to the first 10 results and check if they have a banner running on their website
o Step - 3: If there is a banner and the website is relevant to my niche, then go and contact the person from their contact form or email id or a phone number whatever is provided
o Step  - 4: Negotiate a deal with them on a monthly basis
o Step – 5: Provide them with your banner and landing page link and start tracking using URL tagging
Intermediate Media Buys – It means we don’t do the banner buying manually but have an agency in between to take care of finding good websites for us. A very good example of this would be 
Agency Level Buys – Buying ads through agencies like Google Adwords and Bing is called Agency Level Buys

Rich Media Ads -
The advertisements found on the internet which expands rolls over, or of little interactive nature are called Rich Media Ads. Like the ones you normally see on YouTube Homepage Banner are called Rich Media Advertisements. 
Expendables – These types of banners become big when we hover over our mouse pointer on top of it or we click on the banner and then it enlarges. Times of India’s home page mostly has this kind of banner. ( (
Pushdowns – They are web banners that push web content down when you roll over or click/tap them. Example -
Slide Banners – They are the web banners that slide in and overlap web content, usually they autoload from the left, right, top or bottom of a page. Example -
Screen Shakers – The web banners that comes and shakes a bit are called as screen shakers. An example would be, when you try to take your mouse pointer towards closing the tab (outside the viewport) then a screen shaker would appear
YouTube Masthead – The interactive banner on the homepage of YouTube is called YouTube Masthead. The examples of the same can be found at

All the banner ads mentioned above run on media buying, meaning we buy space on other’s website. And it’s good to crack a deal with website owners for the same on the basis of impressions. You get a CPM of Rs 150-200 on many big websites like Times of India, Your Story etc.

PPV Advertising –
The art of 

Squeeze Page Tool Creator –

Resources –


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