SEO Notes - Learn Search Engine Optimization

Indexing- It is the process of submitting your website pages in Google’s database so that webpages can be found on SERP.

1-          Google webmasters tool
2-          By links
3-          Auto crawling by Google (webserver)

Indexing process-
1-          Crawling
2-          Main program
3-          Database
4-          Index

Functions of the search engine-

Buy shoes- 6500 in India every month

Xyz- 20000
Abc- 50000
123- 40000
456- 5500
buy shoes- 6500

Types of keywords-
1-          primary
2-          secondary
3-          high searched
4-          low searched
5-          high competitive (quantity, quality)
6-          low competitive
7-          Seasonal
8-          Misspelled (roger Federer, Roger Federer)
9-          Money (shoes, buy shoes)
10-        Longtail/phrase

Keyword tools
1-          Google keyword planner tool

Abc- 10000
Xyz- 50000
123- 30000

Average- 20000

Quality competition-
1-          Page rank
2-          Domain age
3-          Domain authority
4-          Page authority
5-          No: of backlinks
6-          Quality of backlinks

Keyword research process
-       Search
-       Categorization
-       Analysis
-       Selection
1-          Search- primary and secondary

1-          No: of searches
2-          Relevancy
3-          Competition
4-          Monetary value

How to do SEO?
-       On page (optimizing website content)
-       Off-page (increasing visibility and building backlinks)

On-Page SEO-

1-          Keywords Placement
2-          Meta tags creation
3-          Content optimization
4-          Internal linking – Bounce rate is reduced and the pages per visit increases
(Likability to Google)
5-          Google webmasters tool/Bing webmasters tool
6-          Creating sitemap
7-          Uploading sitemap  

Advertising agency

(advertising the agency, advertising company, an advertising agency in Delhi)


(print advertising agency, online adv company, a best online advertising agency in Delhi)

(print advertising agency, best print agency, a print company in Delhi)


Keywords Placement
-        Title tags – Title of the webpage
-        Meta tags – Meta Keywords (Primary and Secondary Keywords), Meta Description (summary of the page)
-        Headings (H1, H2, H3)
-        Text (the content of your webpage – 2 keywords/100 words) {Keyword density – 2- 5 %}
-        Custom URL (Permalink) or Slug
-        Anchor text link (Covering word on top of link)
-        An alt tag – Description of your image

Digital marketing (H1)
                SEO (H2)
                                On-Page SEO (H3)
                                Off-Page SEO (H3)
                Google Adwords (H2)
                Google Analytics (H2)
<meta name="description" content="Buy shoes from leading online shoe store in India offering Footwear from various brands. ✔ Free Shipping ✔ 15 days Return ✔ Cash on Delivery (COD)" />

<meta name="keywords" content="Online Shoe Store, Shoe Store India, Buy online shoe, buy shoes online, buy Shoes, Shoe jabong, buy footwear online, buy branded shoes, trendy shoes online" />

<meta property="og:title" content="Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management, (CRM) - India" />

<title>Apartments in Hyderabad, Chennai | PBEL City</title>

·         Apartments in Hyderabad
·         Apartments in Chennai
·         PBEL City

Nike Shoes for Men - Buy Nike Men Shoes Online in India
-         Nike shoes
-         Nike shoes for men
-         buy Nike shoes
-         Nike shoes online
-         buy Nike shoes online
-         buy Nike shoes in India  

Title Length - (65, 75)

Buy branded shoes online in India

1-          buy branded shoes
2-          buy shoes
3-          buy shoes in India
4-          buy shoes online
5-          buy branded shoes online
6-          buy branded shoes in India
7-          shoes in India
8-          Shoes online in India

Meta Description- (135-165)
Online Shopping Store in India for Branded Shoes, Clothing; Accessories for Men and Women. Cash on Delivery, END OF SEASON SALE, Free Shipping, 30-day returns

Buy Nike Shoes for Men online in India. Select from the wide range of Nike Men Shoes at Free Shipping COD 30 Days Return

Headings (H1, H2, H3----- H6)

Keyword- “Narendra Modi career”
1-          All you want to know about Narendra Modi
2-          <h1>Narendra Modi career highlights- Everything answered.</h1>H1 to H6


Domain name-


URL (Uniform resource locator)
Address of any given webpage

URL optimization- adding keywords to your URL
Alt Tags, alternate text. Is a way to tell SE what an image is all about…. The keyword is “Honda Jazz interiors”

ALT Tag Examples-
1-          Honda car
2-          Image shows Honda Jazz car Interiors

Anchor text link-

Add a link on our “keywords”… and not on words like “click here”

<a href=”> customers </a>

<a href= “destination URL” > keyword </a>

1-          Click here to know more
2-          Click here to read about “customers”

Content Optimization


1-          Content Quantity
2-          Content Quality
3-          Content variety
4-          Content readability
5-          Blog
6-          Internal links, to
7-          External links, to
8-          Keyword density, 2%- 5%

Content readability
1-          Contrast/color
2-          Points
3-          Small paragraphs

Write 600 words on keyword- “benefits of digital marketing  


1-          Subdomain
2-          Directory


How to upload content/pages/text/sitemap in your web server

1-          cpanel
2-          ftp (file transfer protocol)

FTP- File zila, Cuteftp

Off-Page SEO

WHAT IS PAGE RANK- Score given by Google to a web page on a scale of 0-10. 10 being highest.

Page rank depends on-
1-          Age of domain name
2-          No. of backlinks
3-          Quality of backlinks
4-          Link juice
5-          Quality of content (on-page SEO)
6-          Domain authority(1-100)
7-          Page authority (1-100)

Link Juice- is the share of the page rank that is transferred to your webpage via a link.

Webpage A (PR- 2)
It gives the link to Webpage B….

Domain authority-
1-   page rank
2-   backlinks (quantity and quality)
3-   Traffic
4-   Age of the domain

Page authority
1-   page rank
2-   backlinks (quantity and quality)
3-   Traffic
4-   Age of the page

Types of links
1-   Inbound
2-   Outbound

Follow and no-follow links
1-                      <a rel= “no follow”   href=> anchor text </a>
2-                      <meta name=”robots” content= “no follow”/>

<a href=””> anchor text </a>

Types of link building-
1-   One way
2-   Two way (reciprocal)
3-   Threeway à à ß ß

Nofollow link


1-          Individual link
<a href= “”> click here </a>

<a rel=”no follow” href= “”> click here </a>

2- All the links on a web page
<meta name=”robots” content= “no follow” />


1-          Low hanging fruits (1st month)
2-          Content
3-          Blackhat techniques

Google algorithm update

1-    Panda- Content quantity and quality
2-    Penguin- Quality of backlinks
3-    EMD- Exact match domain - to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply
       because they had words that match search terms in their domain names
4-    Google Hummingbird
5-    mobilegeddon

Low-quality backlinks/content
1-          Non-relevant content
2-          Footer links
3-          Keywords as anchor text (70-30)
4-          Link farms
5-          New domains (6 months old)
6-          Backlinks of backlink page
7-          Links from comments on blogs
8-          Too many profiles links
9-       80-20 rule in link building (20% links for home page and 80% links for other webpages)

What not to do in link building?

1-    No non-relevant backlinks, only get links from relevant content and webpages
2-    Do not buy links
3-    No link farms
4-    Do not use the same content more than once
5-    Do not go only for following backlinks
6-    Do not go only for keywords match anchor text links
7-    Try to get links from different IP addresses or web servers
8-    Try to give multiple external links rather than giving just 1 link to your money site
9-    Try not to give links in footer and add them between the content/text
10-  Do not build too many/hundreds of backlinks overnight

Low hanging fruits – easy to achieve!

1-  Directory submission(only in the top)
2-  Niche/Industry Specific directory submission (all)
3-  Article Submission (gradually, your article is a minimum of 800 characters long)
4-  video submission (3-4 submission in 1 month) 4-5 submissions in a month
5- profile creation (do not build backlinks…… spammy) 3-4 profiles (but for having citations) (your profile)
6- press release submission (once every month…. With NEWS) 4-5 PR directories in 1 month
7-  blog directory submission (only in the top directories.. just once)
8-  ebook directory submission (only in the top directories….. 2 links- website, download here)
9-  blog comments/Forums discussions (only on related blogs and with contextual meaning full text….)
10- infographic submission (convert articles into infographics and post)
11- Social bookmarking (only for visibility…. Blog articles infographics, articles, ebooks can be bookmarked, bookmarking should be done from different accounts)

An ebook is a book (collection of information on a specific topic) in electronic formats like .epub, .mobi, .pdf

1- Free stuff (Engagement Option to collect email ids but many at times people share our resources on their own blogs/websites/sales pages etc.)
2- Guest blogging
3- Paid blogs (Native advertising)

Ebook, Video, Demo, Whitepaper (Research Paper), Case study, Trial Versions (not for link building but for increasing trust)
1- Free stuff-
Create a survey - Then giveaway the results for free and help others in your niche. Ask questions people want to know the answers to so that they will pass on the information via links.

Create how-to videos - Teach people how to use your products, or how to be better at their jobs. Give them the type of insights they'd usually have to pay for and they'll thank you for it. We giveaway how-to guides that we could charge for, simply to build brand awareness.
Build an amazing infographic - Spend the time to make a great looking infographic that presents key information on your niche. Make it fun to view, and post it on infographic sharing sites for a link back. (
Write a whitepaper/research paper - Give it away rather than charging for the results, but ask people to tweet about the whitepaper so they can get it. Here's how the Clockwork Pirate does it. (Content locking)
Make a Top 10 list - Then link to everyone in the list and give them a badge to display on their own website. You're giving them links and exposure for free, but if they are proud of the achievement they'll link back.

Guest blogging
1-               Finding your niche blog that accepts guest post
2-               Checking quality of the blog (PR >=3)
3-               Dropping email
4-               Correspondence
5-               Writing post
6-               Getting link
7-               Checking live webpage

Finding blogs- find blogs via Google search
·         Guest Post “niche”
·         Write to us “niche”
·         “Niche” submit a guest post
·         “Niche” submit a post
·         “Niche” guest blogging
·         “Niche” guest blogger
Website to connect with industry BlogDash BlogSynergy GuestBlogIt Guest Blog Genius Guests PostJoint GroupHigh

Alternative search engines
· – Blog search engine
· – Blog directory
· – Alternative search engine
· – Blog search engine
·         Best of the Web ( – Blog directory

Drafting email-

Hey {name},

I was wondering if you accept guest posts on ”NAME OF THERE BLOG”. It’s about digital marketing, so it would be a perfect fit for your blog. Thanks in advance!
I am a digital marketer, and to see my other post you can refer this link:

Looking forward for a positive response.

Your Name
Contact Number and Email

Guest posts usually have an optional author bio (byline) at the end. This is just a small three-sentence blurb where you can place any personal links, such as links to your own blog or twitter. This is typically not required.
You’ll want to place your link within the actual post. Preferably, you want it to be the first link in the second paragraph. If possible you should also place 1 or 2 other content relevant links to high authority sites like BBC, WordPress, or Youtube.


Some bloggers will not allow links in the blog post at all. However, they are usually comfortable allowing links within the author bio.

Advertising agency
-       starting a business
-       entrepreneurship
-       advertising and marketing
-       customers

Blackhat techniques for link building-
1- Old Domains (How to do/leverage an old domain which already has credibility in the eyes of Google)
2- Content farming (content spinning)

Old domains-
1- Change your NameServers asap and add content
2- Domain should be hosted on different IP address
3- Wait for 1 month at least before you give backlink and 6 months if it is a new domain
a. Give multiple links on the page where you give one link to your business site

Google Webmasters – Sitemap Creation, Sitemap submission, Importance of webmaster a tool, Disavow tool, FTP (Indexing) {1 hour 15 minutes)

Local Seo (2 hours)

Little Updates about a penguin, panda, Hummingbird (1/2 hour)

SEO Strategy for  business, Tools for SEO ( 45 minutes)

1. Create a Sitemap, A sitemap is a collection of the URL's of all the pages in your website ( Upload the sitemap in our file manager
2. Once I submit my website to webmasters, I need to verify that I am the owner of the website by uploading a file to my Cpanelà file manager
1- Content farming- Article rewriting, blog rewriting, video transcript, ebooks rewriting

Panda & penguin update + how to recover from penalties

PANDA – Panda was designed to target content that was low quality.

Panda Recovery Suggestions
·  Create unique meta titles and descriptions for every page
·  Remove low the quality or duplicate content from your site
·  Reduce your ad to the content ratio(25% ad: 75% content)
·  Increase quality of the content (Edit grammar, increase research, include sources)
·  Fix broken links within your site (which does not exist now – you have to remove that)
·  Reduce bounce rate (<40% rate)
·  Decrease site load time (3 sec for desktop and 5 sec for mobile)

PENGUIN – What It Was
This was an algorithmic change, as opposed to a human reviewer picking your site out.

This update was designed to fight off common spam techniques that game/fool the search engines.

Penguin Focused On The Following:
·  Aggressive exact-match anchor text (70:30)
·  Overuse of exact-match domains (EMD) –
·  Low-quality article marketing & blog spam (comments on nonrelevant blogs)
·  Keyword stuffing in internal/outbound links (2-5% but if you do ANYTHING above 20% as keyword density)

Penguin Recovery Suggestions
·  Rebuild spammy links with legitimate link sources
·  Repurpose de-ranked site’s content onto a new domain and start over
·  Increase quality links pointing to all pages of your site
·  Increase anchor text variation (over linking using the same anchor text was a big factor in this update)
·  Reduce internal link building (reduce does not mean to stop) 4-5 internal links

Hummingbird – Search enhancement

Cocco beans vendors in India

EMD – Exact Match Domains – Having a keyword in your domain is not a good idea

Mobilegeddon – Mobile friendly`

Phantom Update (Reverse Panda) -

Here are general Do’s and Don’ts in the new SEO climate:

·  Use spin content on your money/business site
·  Keyword stuff content
·  Over link using the same anchor text
·  Delete Your Links (unless they are on a de-indexed blog network)
·  Fill footers with overly optimized content OR links
·  Buy exact match domains (EMD)
·  Use doorway pages

·  Use all unique content on money site
·  Create content with large word counts 800+
·  Use a wide variety of anchor text in backlinking to the same page
·  Optimize pages for more than one keyword phrase
·  Use naked links in link building activities (no anchor text)
·  Use aged domains
·  Remove low quality content from your site (spun, low word count, swiped)

Local SEO……

1-  Local content on website (Add geography to the keywords in your On-page SEO)
2-  Citations
3-  H card (Address of the business)
4-  Backlinks from local directories, classified websites
5-  Google maps-

To All:

To All:

To All:

To All:

To All:

To All:

To All:

To All:

SEO Strategy for any Business:
1.    Keyword Research
2.    Keyword Selection (Competition, Relevance, Profitability, Monthly Searches)
3.    What to rank via Organic and where to do PPC advertising
4.    On-Page SEO (Best content in Market)
5.    Take note of your existent rankings
6.    We start building Backlinks
7.    Weekly Strategies (A/B testing)
a.    1st Week – Infographic Submission and Directory Submission
i.     Check my results and note it down (Monitoring the rank)
b.    2nd Week – Video Submission and Article Submission 
i.     Check my results and note it down (Monitoring the rank)
c.    3rd week, 4th week and 8th week
8.    Finalize on the strategy that worked best for you
9.    Go on full force with that strategy


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