How to run ads on Flipkart for Products Selling?

Flipkart ads
Flipkart Product Selling Ads

Flipkart ads

Flipkart ads 2 option
1 display ads & banner ads
2 Product listing ads (PLA)

Display ads
this option is not open for all sellers
Only Reputated or established brand and Original trademark or either high seller account performance
(gold & silver)

display ads and banner ads where shows
this ad is shown on Flipkart
-home page 
-subcategories page
-cost 10000 to 100000 per day

Product listing ads
this ads is available for all seller's
these ads are worked on PPC module
set the budget
-daily budget
- total budget
and then product ads are displaying for buyers
if buyers are reaching on your product page throughout the clicking on your products then Flipkart charges you.

how to create ads
-go to the advertising tab on Flipkart seller account

step 1 

see the rate card
where you can see ads rate by product categories

for the running ads add amount on your wallet

now create a campaign

in create a new campaign you can see two options for running the ads

1. select products manually
2. use recommended SKUs

now select manually products

then create a campaign name

for product selecting 
you can see 2 options in below the ads name

1. manual
2. upload CSV

if you have low no of products then you can go with manual
if you have high no of products then you can upload your products CSV file

now go to the next step

Campaign duration

select your campaign duration

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