Official teaser of CLUB BANGER 2021 “Baby AFEEM Hai” video song

Baby Afeem Hai”, a night party DJ song presented by Bing Media & co-produced by Max Production Management. This flourished video hip-hop song will help you to enjoy your night party, the song has excellent starring Mr. Nalayak feat. Swetapadma Nanda Singer. 

Are you a rapper lover? If yes, then this song will really inspire you and will make you feel happy & enjoy to the fullest. The lyrics and composition are co-powered by Max Production Management. There are enhancing crew Indian Models Shristi Nanda, Reet Agarwal, and Subhashree Joshi. ‘BABY AFEEM HAI’ is directed & choreographed by Mantu DNC Dancers and Nitin Deep Assistant Choreographer.  

This song is best for the youths of India as Hip Hop music has an excellent outreach to maximum youths who love to “PARTY ALL NIGHT” round the clock. With deep heavy bass, the music & composition will inspire you a motivational feeling that will make your mood happy. 

Few reasons why you must listen to Baby Afeem Hai:

Mr.Nalayak is one of the best rappers in INDIA.

Best ever party song.

Top night music song.

24*7 all-rounder party song.

Bing Media Presents Hip Hop Night Party Video Song with Crew Indian Models & best directions made by 21K records Team. 

Don’t wait to tap to the below link & become a subscriber of 21k Records. Happy enjoy music. It’s the best track most recommended by youths. Click on the below link & listen to happy your mood. 

Watch Now:

Baby Afeem hai

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